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Course Description and Syllabus


What is Music Theory?

  • The study of fundamental elements of music such as form, rhythm, pitch, harmony, and other compositional elements.

Course Goal

  • To improve your music literacy through textbook reading/writing, online articles, audio/video clips, in-class/virtual assignments, and group discussions.  This course will also include training in technical areas such as ear training and instrument families.  This webpage/blog is designed to supplement our work in the textbook.  You are expected to complete assignments/prompts accordingly and submit group discussion content. (Review Syllabus)



  • Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka (8th Edition)
    • Our studies will include:
      • Pitches/intervals (identification and dication)
      • Rhythms (values and dictations)
      • Form (Binary, Ternary, Sonata)
        • Formal Analysis: Schenker Graphs
      • Individual Projects
      • Group Projects
      • Listening Skills and Assignments


Check the Quizzes and Assignments page daily

  • All quizzes and assignment prompts will be posted on this page


Comment on at least one two posts per week for the semester

  • 20% of your grade involves classroom discussion and blog posts


Music Theory 101-Syllabus

Description: 1 credit course (fulfills fine arts graduation requirement)

  • AP Music Theory syllabus here.
    • Getting Started Information here.
  • Class contract/agreement contract here.


Music Theory 101-Classroom Agreement/Contract to Earn and Keep my A

  1. I choose NOT to be tardy. To be in my seat and ready to exercise my brain when the bell rings.
  1. I choose to be present and alert in class every scheduled day.


  1. I choose to remain in my seat until otherwise directed.


  1. I choose to raise my hand to request permission to talk or leave my seat.


  1. I choose to keep myself informed. To complete and turn-in all assignments, on time.


  1. I choose to keep myself informed. To study and prepare for all scheduled tests, quizzes and exams.


  1. I choose to keep myself informed about all class work responsibilities.


  1. I choose to request help and to offer it to others.


  1. I choose to earn respect and to give it (what goes around comes around). To respect other’s space and property. Not to deface school property and books. To pick up trash from the desk and floor.


  1. I choose to be cooperative, coachable and to make an effort to participate every day.


  1. I choose to have a helpful attitude.


  1. I choose not to be disruptive, nor annoying and not to allow others to disrupt or distract me.


  1. I choose to care for others and to take care of myself, to avoid substance abuse, to eat and sleep healthfully.


  1. I choose to not eat food, drink liquids, or chew gum in class. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO GUM! NO GUM!
  2. Nada!!!


  1. I choose to not apply make-up or tend to other personal effects (combing hair) in class.


  1. I choose not to bring non-school hats, pagers, cell phones, radios, CD’s into class. THEY WILL BE
  2. CONFISCATED! Confiscated materials are not guaranteed a secure storage place. The school and teacher are not responsible for confiscated materials that are lost or stolen.


  1. I choose to maintain a clean workspace around me since my mother doesn’t work here!


  1. I choose NOT to CHEAT! To be HONEST!


  1. I choose to do what is RIGHT!


  1. I choose to try & try again! Too never, ever give-up! To Succeed! To Win!


  1. I choose not to request unnecessary hall passes. No hall passes for rest room- plan ahead.


  1. Every time I leave the room I am missing important information. I choose to remain in class.


  1. I choose to be responsible and take very good care of myself.


Consequences If I Choose NOT to Keep these Agreements


  • I choose to and would rather have a: B,C,D, or F grade.


  • I choose and would rather be separated from my classmates


  • I choose and would like to have my parents notified of the results of my behavior.


  • I choose to leave the classroom and pay a visit to the Dean’s office, to get lunch detention, suspension, expelled
  • or O.T.’ed to another campus.


  • I choose to give up my seat in this class or my position in this school to another student, who would appreciate it better or needs it more.


  • I choose to give up my participation credits to other students.


If caught cheating and/or assisting, I choose to:

First time: Have my parents called and a letter sent home. Have my test grade reduced to a (0) zero, (F). Receive a “U” for Cooperation & Work Habits.


Second time: Automatic (No Appeal) Fail the Semester & Expulsion from class.



Parent’s (Guardian’s) signature________________________Date___________________


(print name)________________________________________Phone________________


Student’s signature________________________________________Date_____________________


(print name)______________________________________Phone__________________




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